About me


My Background

I have been playing guitar since I was 12 years old and ukulele for over 7 years as a professional singer songwriter. This picture shows me with Jools Holland who has played my music on BBC Radio 2.  You can find out more about my music at www.saraspade.com.

I also host ukulele parties. singalongs and therapeutic music sessions  as 'The Ukulele Lady'.   Click to view website.


Sharing my Passion

Although I love touring with my band, my teaching work gives me the most job satisfaction.  Come and explore music with me and I promise to help you to progress on the ukulele in exactly the ways you want to.   I specialise in helping you to make your own arrangements of the pop songs you love and going beyond strumming the same old rhythm and into riffs, solos, different textures, good tone, tightness of rhythm and music literacy.  I have over 20 years of teahing experiences, qualifications and outstanding Ofsted reports.


My Classes

I offer both group, private and Skype ukulele lessons, separated by skill level.  If you're unsure about which level is appropriate for you, just give me a call.  


Five Stars


I am very proud to have received these reviews from my pupils.  

Thank you for your review Bernie!


I am looking forward to the next lesson.  It's always a pleasure!

Thanks for taking the time to review Anna


Well done and congratulations on performing solo at your first Open Mic night!


My Teaching

I am passionate about excellent teaching and continue my personal and professional development via the James Hill Ukulele Initiative.  I do a lot of work helping my students to make their own arrangements of their favourite pop songs and understanding how to choose the right rhythm / riff / solo for their arrangements.

I can take you right from beginners' level basics up to advanced chord melody arrangements, finger picking, soloing or songwriting.   I can teach you to read notation or tablature and understand music theory.   


Let's get started!

Contact me now and we can get you booked in.  If you are unsure whether you'd like one-to-one or group lessons just have a chat with me and we can work it out.